Why Do Women Bother Their Partners Manhood?

The size of manhood does matter a women, especially when she wants to satisfy her sexual desire in the best possible manner. A big size penis will not only allure your female partner, but satisfies her psychologically as well. Your penis can arouse 2 types of sensation in a woman, which makes her crave more for you. Genital sensation is the 1st one, which is related to vaginal and clitoral. They arose in her a deep feel of making intense love to you. The other one being the sensation of touch, which can be oral or manual, that makes men go crazy.

Size of Penis That Women Love to Play With:

It gives immense pleasure to women who love to play around with their partner's strong and full sized manhood. A bigger sized manhood makes them crazier and they enjoy fondling and playing with it. It impresses them in a simpler way men get attracted towards a full sized and sexy looking breasts. A smaller sized penis might not be that very appealing to women who treat oral sex with equal importance.

Size does matter as human love to feel bigger and firm things. Men adore the feel of their partners curve, hips, soft and fully grown breast, butt cheeks, her skin, lips, and many other things. Similarly women love to touch a big, strong, and firm looking penis of their male partner.

The bigger the size, the more fun it is to have a perfect oral and anal sex. Women love men with broader shoulders, great height, and great masculine strength. They get excited to feel stronger arms, legs, and penis as well. This might not be the case with a smaller sized manhood, wherein she might find it difficult to hold and feel it. A smaller sized penis might not be able to amuse, as a normal and bigger sized fat penis could always.

There is no doubt a bigger penis helps you lead a happy and active life. In case of women, more than the joy of a pleasant and pleasurable sex, it is the feel of becoming pregnant that amuses her.

Size for Oral Sex:

When it comes to oral sex, women love to get a feel of large sized penis. They love sucking a big one, which makes their partners go crazy. There are some women who prefer to accept the challenge of deep throat sucking, which is very intense. Nevertheless, there are some who prefer a smaller sized penis for oral sex. A bigger sized penis hurt the back of their throat, causing great sense of discomfort.

The size of penis thus is individual preferences and it depends upon their requirement. It has been proved that a larger penis gives more sexual satisfaction to women, thus making them go crazy. Although the size of penis is compared to the pleasure men draw by playing with a women's breast, but they are quite different. Unlike breast, penis is best known as male reproductive system.

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