Sex And The Seasons – Successful Male Enhancement Any Time Of Year

One of the best things about penis extenders is that they can be worn anytime of the year. Regardless of the season, you can reap optimal benefits from a penis extender. If you are wondering just how to make this happen, there are sufficient and practical tips here. Whether its chilling cold or blazing hot, you don’t have to postpone penis extender use. Let us consider each of the seasons separately.


Are you afraid of the summer heat? The heat can be quite unbearable during summer. Things can get even a little bit worse if you are using your penis extender. The constant sweats can make your sessions less productive. Summer time requires penis extender users to allow as much flexibility as possible.

Specifically, you may have to reschedule your sessions. This means, waiting until you have some private hours in a cool and comfortable atmosphere. During this season, you might not be able to wear the extender to work. If you don’t have any cotton boxers, consider buying a couple of them. They will come extremely in handy in the evenings, after you get off work. If high level of privacy is guaranteed, you may decide to spend your evenings without any under wears on.

Winter and autumn

It’s pretty cold around this time of the year. A lot of people dread this season. Whatever the case, you needn’t be afraid of wearing your penis extenders. While you may have walked around your house naked during your penis extender sessions, you can’t do the same during winter. First and foremost, you need to invest in a number of loose pyjamas- preferably, a size bigger than usual.

Your manhood will also require additional warming during winter. Consider shopping for flannel boxers to provide that additional warmth. Better still, and if possible, you may want to consider heating up your house optimally. If you can do this, you might still be able to walk around the house with your usual boxers. Autumn can also get quite chilly. Of the essence though, is to make sure that you stay as warm as possible. In any case, your overall health is equally critical. Also, ensure to take the necessary medications in order to keep any possible allergies at bay.


Admittedly, this is the most comfortable season to wear a penis extender. You don’t have to worry about intense heat, or too much cold. Nevertheless, it is also a period where penis extender users must be careful not to catch allergies. Skin sensitivities resulting from allergens can make the sessions counterproductive. What is more, if you sneeze excessively during the sessions, you could end up with penis injuries. For this reason, try and stay clear of allergy causing orgasms and environments. Better still consume anti-allergy medications to keep them off.

As you must already have realised, it is possible to wear penis extender throughout the year. Of utmost importance is to understand how each season is bound to impact your extender sessions. This way, you will be able to prepare in advance for an upcoming season.

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