Reasons Why You Should Avoid Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement is a very sensitive matter and you need to be very careful before selecting a method. You need to understand each and every point from the method you are going to adopt. You will get number of resources which will provide you the right kind of information that will help you in getting the desired results. According to the results from some of the researches it is very clear that you need to say permanent NO to the surgical methods.

We have studied the potential side effects as well as important factors which will make you be away from the penis enlargement procedure. Herewith we are listing the 5 most important factors as why you are not suppose to go under the knife:

  • The surgical procedure is very much infection prone methodology. Whenever a doctor cuts open your penis or the surrounding area to perform the surgery the inside parts will obviously get exposed. You can simply compare the methodology to an open heart surgery. The similar procedure where in your chest will be cut opened in order to see the heart.

    In the surgical procedure there are many chances that the bacteria and viruses present in the air may get come in contact with the open skin. Apart from the bacteria present in the air, there could be lots of bacteria as well as viruses stuck to the surgical instruments and surgeon's gloves. When the surgeon operates, there are many chances that these bacteria may get transferred to your body leading to many kinds of infections.
  • The procedure has a large chance of leaving permanent scar on your penis. It is generally happens with all sorts of cuts on your body. Size of the scar depends on how deep and long is the cut on your penis. There are many factors which contribute towards the scar formation such as, the man's ability towards healing of the wound, severity of the wound that has resulted from the surgical procedure, stitching procedure adopted by the surgeon, amount of bacteria present which will cause the scar get widened etc.
  • Penis enlargement surgeries may result in the adverse affects on your nervous system. Any type of surgical procedure will leave significant damages to the nerves and blood vessels present in the surrounding area of the operation. During penile surgery if something goes wrong then there could be severe damage to the basic functionality of your penis. You may lose the sensitivity or even the erectile capability.
  • Side effects resulting from the general anesthesia. You may face deadly side effects as a result of the general anesthesia. Some of the severe risks include cardiovascular collapse and death. As a result of the anesthesia you may lose the sensitivity of the critical parts.
  • With the penile surgery there are many chances that you will start getting an unnatural feeling. Since you would undergoing implant or liposuction transfer there are many chances that your penis gets deformed or you will start getting unnatural feelings.

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