Penis Size It May Be Written In The Length Of His Fingers

There are several myths that about a male's physical anatomy that signifies the penis length. If you have a big hand or large shoe size then it means you are the proud owner of a large penis. However, scientists noticed a phenomenon century ago that the men's ring finger is longer than his index finger, whereas in an average woman they are similar.

Some years ago in a research it was found that this difference is rooted in the mother womb. The deciding factor is level of the male hormone testosterone absorbed by the fetus that influences the development of the limbs and genital regions. Plenty of testosterone is responsible for making the ring finger longer than index finger.

It is also found in surveys that male with longer ring fingers are probably more athletic, macho and insistent. For this reason researchers in South Korea carried out a study to compare male fingers with penis size. A difference in length of index finger (2D) and ring finger (4D) that is 2D:4D ratios were compared with the penis size of 144 patients.

The survey report stated that the more exposure to testosterone in mother's womb creates long penis along with long ring finger. This study sounds interesting but is not fated for men having their ratio of index to ring finger high.

Why many Women give preference to penis size?

Women generally tend to be sensitive to the feelings of their partners. Even if they face issues in sexual relationships, they might not want to offend their partners by discussing about their size. Men on the other hand might feel a small penis might be the cause of their partners not actively participating in sexual activities.

Secondly women feel that by discussing these issues with their partners, they might create a rift in their personal relationship since men might take it upon their ego and might want to break the relationships.

The best way to deal about these issues is to talk it out amongst them. Women can tell their partners what they like and how many enlargement products can help main achieve the desired length and at the same time boost their libido levels.

Average size of penis in Men

First and foremost before discussing about such issues with partners, it is essential to gather information on what exactly needs to be the average size of penis in men. A lot of information can be gathered from different blogs and forums or one can even consult their doctors.

Most of the surveys have shown that the average size ranges from about 5.75 inches to 6.25 inches. This might even vary from person to person. Many men might even have the right penis size but might still not be able to satisfy their partners due to other sexual issues.

Women generally prefer to like a thicker penis than a longer one since a better penis girth can help to provide multiple orgasms in women. Most women might believe that a longer penis makes men more sexually attractive.

Choosing the right method for penis enlargement

Women looking at saving their relationships from wilting away can confront their partners and propel them to use penis enlargement exercises to achieve the desired length and girth. If sceptical, they can take the help of their physician and ask their advice on which exercise or method will be better suited for their partners.

Many of the online websites might even offer tutorials or step by step instructions on how to perform these exercises without hampering your sexual relationships with partners. These exercises can be performed at any time of the day.

Bear in mind that a relationship is based on care and belief in respective partners. Women need to be supportive to their partners and help them through this tough phase. This will also help to bridge differences in relationships and give a new meaning to the word love. It is a small issue that can be resolved by the right technique and by performing the exercises with the right dedication and will power. However if exercise is not for you, then you may opt for penis enlargement device.

However, because of advance scientific knowledge male can enhance their penis using different techniques among which penis stretcher is notable.

The traction device is a gadget that is fitted on the penis. A light yet evident pressure is applied on the tissue of the penis. After a while, this force provokes cell mitosis inside the penis. The ripped cells are replaced by new cells and get accumulated in the cavities caused by stretching. Thus, overtime it adds to length and size.

Even doctors advice the use of penis stretcher first. Surgery welcomes risks, complications and undesired results. As per the clinical research carried out at the Turin University, penis extenders were far more effective than penis pumps and exercises.

Traction device is a non-invasive treatment that not only increases the length and thickness but also cures Peyronie's disease. Patients suffering from erectile dysfunction are also satisfied with penis traction therapy.

After using traction device the sexual life of men get enhanced. They get hard, long-lasting erections. Their overall penis health improves because there is an elevation in blood flow to the genital region.

Selecting the best penis extender

If you decide to make use of penis stretcher then make use of this following criteria.

  • The penis stretchers must be recommended by cosmetic surgeons and urologists. Bear in mind that this device will be attached to your penis, therefore your first priority must be related to your health safety.
  • The consequences must be supported by medical research.
  • Materials used must be of high-quality or have medical grading.
  • Cash-back guarantee

The user must be committed and loyal in wearing the traction device regularly for 4 to 5 hours daily. They must follow all the instructions for avoiding any damage. In six months, growth in length and width will be visible. Happy Growing!

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