Penis Size, Confidence And Self-Esteem

Confidence and self-esteem are crucial elements in the life of every human being. We need them to accomplish the numerous things that we aspire in life. Accomplishments are usually associated with family, other relationships, business and even career. For you to succeed in these areas, one must have the necessary level of confidence and self-esteem. You must start by loving and accepting yourself before you can conquer the world. It is important to acknowledge that, no one else will love and accept you if you haven’t done the same for yourself.

You must already have heard this phrase; if you want to change the world, you must begin with yourself. It’s about changing the things that you can change and embracing the ones that you cannot. This is just how life is.

Where do self-esteem and confidence come from? Why is it that some people are too confident that it hurts others? Confidence and self-esteem are associated with various things. The physical appearance of a man is just one of these things. For instance, someone who is physically fit and has the right body shape is bound to be more confident compared to someone who doesn’t. This is mainly because he or she is sure that the society will not judge him or her harshly.

Look at the women; they are overly obsessed with their body shapes. A woman with curves in the right place and a great looking face is apparently more confident because of high self-esteem. When all things are held constant, she can conquer the world. Women are usually concerned about the size of their butts, their breasts, hips, and waist and so on and so forth. If they are happy about the different parts of their body, they become more fulfilled and happier. The high level of self-esteem translates to incredible confidence.

On the other hand, men are worried about different things- the size of their dicks. There is so much buzz going on surrounding the issue of penis size. This explains why there are many products of penis enlargement being developed every other day. Unfortunately, the society has over time made men believe that their manhood is dependent on the size of their cocks. They have been made to believe that the bigger the dick, the manlier they are.

Specifically, the women have a greater preference for men with larger cocks. Men know this too well. This explains why men who believe that they have a small penis tend to appear reserved. They are afraid of approaching women for fear of rejection due to their small penises. They are uncomfortable undressing in front of fellow men for fear of being teased. There are remarks that men don’t entertain- silly jokes associated with the size of their cocks.

Men with average or big penises are apparently more confident. Their self-esteem levels are relatively high. They perform better in their careers, businesses, families and even other relationships. Simply put, we would be naïve to believe that penis size doesn’t affect the self-esteem and confidence levels of men.

Luckily, men can change the size of their penises if they aren’t comfortable. They can take advantage of the various methods of penis enlargement. They range from penis enlargement devices such as extenders, pumps, penis enlargement pills, lotions and creams as well as the most drastic approach- penile surgery. You just have to choose the most appropriate one.

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