Increasing And Adjusting Penis Device Tension

Undeniably, no other way to penis enlargement can surpass the effectiveness, assuredness, and safety, associated with a clinically proven penis device. For long, the researchers and other great minds have been trying their best to furnish the size maniacs with a new and improved method to enhance their genital.

Inspired by the effective methods of the past, they attempted to develop numerous easy approaches to enhancements, and at times even ended up with drastic techniques like surgeries, vacuum pumps etc. Applauding is that they have succeeded in furnishing an easy and comfortable way, in the form of enlargement devices, to utilize the traction method.

If you are following a traction based way to enhance your size. There are certain principles that are indispensable to be followed.

Firstly, in the beginning it's not an every day's deal. Such efforts have to be limited to 3 to 5 days in a week, depending on your needs and capabilities. Secondly, and in-fact more significantly, you need to gradually increase the duration of use and the tension applied to your penis, with the progress of the week once you are comfortable.

For the first week, an hour effort with a maximum tension of 900g is ample. During the second week, you may try retaining the same tension but for a longer period of time that is for two hours. Now gradually in the fifth week, you may increase it up to four hours of a tension of about 1200g. Experts also depict that it's during this fifth week that a person can increase the tension to even the maximum limit of 1800g, as per his capability. In other case, one may continue to increase his regiment till a maximum of 6 hours effort from the eighth week itself and that too with the maximum 1800g.

By increasing the number of hours and the subjected tension gradually, you facilitate the rapidity of regeneration of the skin cells, and your penis adapts itself to such gradual increasing traction. After all, that's the sole motive of any traction based enhancement technique, which can be well achieved through such a regiment.

However, one of the aspects to note about a clinically proven penis device is that the results it furnishes can greatly vary from person to person. It can be possible that although you have been using your device for three months now, but the result is inferior as compared to another user who may have merely used the device for few weeks. So that should never be a point to be concerned about, as it completely depends on the capability of one's body.

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