Five Amazing Penis Facts

If you thought you have already heard enough about the male penis, below are more amazing facts:

1. Traction method can increase the penis size

When it comes to male enhancement devices, a man may choose to use either of two methods-traction and suction. One of the examples of suction devices is the penis pump. It is usually recommended for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, penis pumps only deliver temporary results. However, when it comes to traction devices such as extenders, the users experience permanent outcome.

2. Approximately more than half of the male population is circumcised

The circumcision process was more typical during the ancient times compared to today. The surveys conducted in the 90s revealed that circumcision of the infants increased substantially between 1993 and 1999- from around 55 percent to 63 percent. Following the recommendations made by the American Academy of paediatrics, people in the United States started to fear this invasive process. This explains why the rate of the practice dropped drastically to 54% by 2009.

However, the practice is still largely evident in most of the African countries such as Kenya. They say that a circumcised penis has fewer chances of harbouring bacteria particularly since it’s easier to clean. Further, it is said that being circumcised lowers your chances of contracting HIV significantly. For instance, if you are circumcised, the rate of you contracting HIV is 60 percent less than the ones who haven’t been circumcised. If everything else is kept constant, circumcision offers a range of health benefits.

3. The penis can become shorter

This is scary! There is no man who wouldn’t be scared by this valuable information. Of the essence is to understand some of the things or factors that can actually make your penis become shorter. Cold, for instance, causes the penis to reduce in size. Thankfully, this is usually a temporary situation.

On the other hand, there are other things that may cause the same. If you stay for a long time without engaging in sexual activities, or even masturbating, your cock can reduce in size. It is therefore advisable that men make regular use of their penises. Also, smoking can shorten your member by up to one centimetre. If you have been smoking, you really do not have to wait until it happens to you- consider quitting.

4. The sensitivity of your cock will not remain the same as you age

Just like the other body parts begin to wear and tire, your cock does the same. Its sensitivity will reduce as you advance in terms of years. This is as a result of degeneration of tissue as well as decreased flow of blood. At this point, a penis enhancement device will come extremely in handy. Also, you may want to consider using relevant dietary supplements to offset some aging effects associated with the penis. Have you seen a sixty something woman looking like she is in her 30s? The anti-aging creams must have helped. In the same way, the right devices and dietary supplements will help reduce the rate with which you lose sensitivity.

5. Men too have a G-spot

When we talk of G-spot, our minds only think about the women. What we fail to notice is that men too have a sweet spot. Some penis parts are more sensitive than others. This may differ from man to man. Some of these parts include below the glans, the penis tip, and even the area close to the testicles. If a woman can spot your sweet spot, you can receive incredible orgasms- if she hasn’t done it already.

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