Cutting To The Chase: The Top 5 Myths About Penis Extenders

There are several myths associated with the use of penis extenders. Unfortunately, some of these myths have worked against men who wish to enjoy penis enhancement. Today, we debunk the top five myths about these popular penis traction devices.

Penis extenders make the penis thinner

This is a complete lie. Just because the traction device lengthens, the penis doesn’t mean that your cock becomes thinner. The girth is a very important aspect as far as penis size is concerned. This explains why some people are worried of a possible thinning of their cocks. Penis traction devices are designed in a manner that makes them cause micro-tears in the tissues of the penis. Over time, cell multiplication takes place resulting in a lengthier penis. Don’t worry, your penis will grow longer but not thinner. Should you desire to increase the penis girth, you may want to consider using a vacuum pump.

Penis extenders don’t work

This is something that should be forgotten about penis extenders. Experts have shown prove that penis extenders actually deliver various results. Consumers too have reported that these devices have helped them achieve their penis enhancement goals. Apart from enlarging the male member, extenders are known to correct Peyronie's disease. This is a condition of the penis that makes it to curve abnormally and cause pain during sex. Penis extenders are also known for improving sexual libido and treating erectile dysfunction. Of utmost importance is to ensure that you have sourced a good quality device. Buy from reputable manufacturers or sellers to avoid falling victim of scammers that are all over the Internet.

Penis growth happens overnight

Don’t be cheated- it doesn’t happen this way. Should you purchase a penis extender with this kind of expectation, frustrations are inevitable. It will take you a couple of months before you can witness a bigger cock. We all know that nothing good come easy. Permanent results of penis extender usage definitely take time to be realised. In that case, sufficient patience is a critical aspect when using a penis extender.

You can gain as many inches as you desire

If you spot an advertisement that claims to increase your penis size by six to nine inches, stay clear. It is just another promotional language that you need to be wary of. Your penis growth is dependent on the responsive rate of your body. On average, the maximum number of inches anyone can gain is two inches. This means that, if you are five inches when erect, it is impossible for you to reach nine inches long upon extender use. It would be naïve of you to have such expectations.

Penis extenders are unsafe

Well, unfortunately, this isn’t entirely untrue. These traction devices are safe, but can also be unsafe. It all depends on how you use the device. Usually, penis extenders come with instructional materials. You should read the guideline carefully and then follow the instructions provided religiously. Wear the extender as advised to avoid possible penis injuries. In worst case scenarios, penis damages caused by penis extenders are irreversible. For that reason, it is imperative to exercise caution.

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