Clinical Studies Prove The Effectiveness Of Penis Extenders

There was a research carried out in Italy at Polo University for investigating the ability of penis device in reducing the penis curvature. Ten participants around 50 years of age took part. They were distressed by Peyronie's disease, which was untreated for at least three months. They had to wear the stretcher for at least 4 hours.

This research time was for 3 to 6 months. At the end of this period, the reduction observed in curvature was 31° to 20° without suffering from any kind or discomfort or uneasiness. This treatment was well endured with no severe complication or drop outs.

Another study using penis stretcher took place in Italy at the University of Torino. Patients suffering from Peyronie's disease having a curvature of maximum 50° with mild or nix ED took part. Fifteen patients were chosen to check the efficiency of this extender device.

Photos of erect penis were administered and measured after every one, three, six and twelve month period. At the end of six month regular usage of this device, a reduction in the penis curvature was noted with an average of 32° to 27°. The penis length was increased by 1.3 cm, when it was erect and 0.83 cm in flaccid state. After another 6 months that is a year later, the participants were observed again and the reduction results were still obvious.

All these clinical studies confirm that penis curve can be reduced with a technique that is comfortable and safe. It is projected that about 1% to 3% males suffer from Penis curvature. According to scientific research about 1.4 million males in United States bear Peyronie's disease.

A bent or curved penis is very challenging and can hinder a male's sexual life. Peyronie's is regarded as degenerative disease. If it is left untreated, it gets worse. The curve goes on increasing to such an extent that sexual intercourse becomes painful or impossible.

Normally, the only cure for PD was invasive surgery. However, surgery is invasive, costly and generally causes the shortening of the penis. Research has shown that in majority of cases penile surgery has resulted in the losing penis length up to 3 cm. There is overall dissatisfaction among the patients and they are accepting non-surgical methods like penis stretcher.

Nothing should impede your sexual happiness, particularly something that can be corrected. Many men think that having a penile curvature is not a big deal but the problems caused overtime can be detrimental to your sex life.

Penis stretcher works on the principle of traction force applied on the cavernosa tissue. The cells in the penile get ripped away by stretching. New cells start forming and multiply. This process is called mitosis that accumulates new cells thus expanding the girth and length of your penis. Blood flow is increased thus males get harder and strong erections with diminution in penile curvature.

When you decide buy a penis stretcher than look at the four main aspects including its material, design, comfort and a device with strap or noose to attain desired penis size.

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